Outreach Programs

Urban Medical Services

Urban Medical Service is one of doctorSHARE medical service programs for Jakarta and surroundings. This program was the brainchild of doctorSHARE services before we were officially established in 2009.

With this program, doctorSHARE helps people who could not access healthcare facilities due to socioeconomic factor by providing free basic & advanced medical services such as general check up, minor operations; as well as basic health education & training for the local communities.

Location: Jakarta & surroundings
Main issue

Social inequality in big cities in Indonesia is a never-ending topic of discussion. The haves are able to fulfill everything they need; this is a different case for those of the have-nots. One of the most common cases of social inequality is equal proper healthcare access.

The lack of information regarding the necessary administrative procedure to receive healthcare access just worsens the situation.
Our solutions

Free medical service can be one of the solutions for those who require healthcare access yet could not afford it. Urban Medical Service program serves that exact purpose; to provide the have-nots with access to proper healthcare facilities, such as general check up (curative) and health education & training (promotive & preventive).

Through this program, the haves could also support for a healthier community by donating and/or volunteering.

Urban Medical Services
2019 Impacts
Patient Treatment & Consultation
Minor Surgeries
Dental Treatment
Program Head
dr. Rika Meliauwati
Team size
Average 10-15 medical and non-medical personnels
3 full-timers
7-12 volunteers
Medical team
– General Practitioner
– Nurse
– Pharmacist
Non-Medical team
– Videographer
– Photographer
– Logistics

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