Outreach Program

EST. 2013
RSA dr. Lie Dharmawan
Being the first and smallest private floating hospital in the world, she is equipped with ECG, USG, laboratory, surgery room, resuscitation space and a patient examination room, similar to a Type D landed-hospital.
EST. 2015
Flying Doctors
As a key program established to address the needs of people in areas that can only be accessed by air or by foot, doctorSHARE partners with several pilots of small aircrafts to reach these communities living in remote mountainous regions of Indonesia.
Urban Medical Services
doctorSHARE helps people who could not access healthcare facilities due to socio-economic factor by providing free basic & advanced medical services such as general check up, minor operations; as well as basic health education & training for the local communities.
Disaster Aid Response
Geographically, Indonesia is located on the meeting point of three tectonic plates that resulted in vulnerability to natural disasters such as earthquake, volcanic eruptions, and tsunami.

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